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Answers to your most important questions on why you should use Aristo Tube End Forming Machinery.


Answers to your most important questions on why you should use Aristo Tube End Forming Machinery.

We ensure performance, reliability and superior service.

"I already have an investment in machines, tooling, & spare parts for another brand."

Aristo's A:601 and B:680 (for up to 3") and A:801 (for up to 5") use the same drop-in style I/O tooling — giving you the added flexibility of running those jobs as well as new jobs on the Aristo machines.

The A:601 and B:680 use either 2" or 3" (heavy duty) tooling with easy changeover of the tapered reducing ring.
Aristo's S series also uses the same drop-in style tooling for expand only or reduce only applications — again enabling optimum utilization of your tooling investment and your floor space.

Aristo's use of standard components from world class suppliers like Parker, Allen-Bradley, Rexroth. etc. ensure premium performance, reliability — and availability should you ever need replacements.

Aristo's CNC I/O sizers match the performance of the competition's hydraulic based system with better sound level (less the 70 db).

Aristo's design philosophy is for an 'open' system; by this we mean that we share the complete documentation for the machine so that components you would rather source elsewhere — machined components, etc. — we are willing to provide upon your request.

Aristo has developed the A801 Tool Adapter System that enables you to use standard size tooling (7¾" diameter barrel) in the heavy duty tool nest (12" diameter barrel) configuration, saving tooling costs as well as lessen risks associated with handling the heavier tooling.

"The operators are used to setting up and running our current machines."

Operators who have had the opportunity to learn the Aristo programming scheme note the easier structure & approach that results in set-ups being done more quickly and with less adjustments.

The program is based on the finished part dimensions being the 'zero point', so that all of your adjustments are made relative to that 'zero point', i.e., using 'relative' encoders. On one screen, these adjustments (additions & subtractions) can be made to achieve the finished part specifications. Competitors' machines use 'absolute' encoders, with zero point set at the factory.

The comparable cycle times combined with the ease of set-up and the reliability / uptime of the system enable efficient operations and satisfied operators.

"Purchasing is trying to reduce the number of vendors... Purchasing makes the selection based on formal quotation & selection based on price from approved list of vendors..."

Aristo welcomes the opportunity to quote tooling or system for your end forming requirements. Our focus on end forming and our combination of a traditional presence in the industry with the Resener sizers and energetic new ownership (since 1998) committed to providing and supporting the 'best' tube end forming systems will ensure systems that optimize your performance.

Our streamlined manufacturing operations, making use of outsourcing for standard operations to reliable suppliers, enable a lower overhead which enables us to be competitive on price. With such flexibility, we can commit to match price for comparable systems and components.

"I 'd like to work with one vendor for my tube forming requirements — one that can provide the machine & tooling — and the engineering — to meet my specific process requirements."

Aristo can provide any of the I/O tooling that you need. We will review your requirements and provide timely evaluation as to the optimal way to meet your quality and cost expectations. Our customer list reflects the success of this approach. It saves you and us time and money.

The Aristo 'tube star' — samples of some of the parts made in our systems — shows the results of some of our efforts in developing custom forming systems.

Aristo's use of state of the art design tools and an extensive network of machining capabilities enable the design, development, and production of custom tooling systems that use the 'standard' configurations of the Aristo A, B, or S series machines.

Aristo can provide in line end forming capabilities, either separately or integrated (our S/VR series) to complement the segmented tooling approach, either in an I/O (our A or B series) or single dimension (I or 0) (our S series).

Aristo can also provide machine rebuild service if improving an existing hydraulic end forming system is the option you wish to pursue. Our own experience with a range of rebuilds of name brand systems along with our loyal surlier base provide the resources to satisfy your rebuild expectations.

Need more reasons? Let us work with you to meet your end forming requirements — and add to the reasons!

For more information on I/O sizing, reducing, expanding, beading, dimpling and flaring tube end forming machines, contact us.

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