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R&B & Aristo Join to Promote Endforming Technologies:
Aristo Owner, Rob Dean, to Represent R&B Endforming Machines

Wilmington, Ohio, December 23, 2013– R&B Machining, Inc. officially announced today that Aristo Machines, Inc. has signed an agreement to represent R&B in the promotion and sales of its machines and tooling targeting tube bending and forming markets.

R&B’s CEO Joe Eramo states “Aristo brings to R&B 60 years of technical expertise in tube forming applications as well as an installed base of hundreds of tube end formers.” Eramo also added, “Having Rob Dean become a member of our growing team reflects our commitment to the rapid expansion of our tube end forming machine product line. Rob has earned the reputation for listening to customer requirements and adding value to their operations by assisting them in developing innovative solutions. We could not be more delighted to have Rob Dean as a member of our team.”

Rob Dean, President and owner of Aristo, stated “R&B shares my passion and vision for delivering best-in-class customer service and developing cost effective solutions to generate exceptional value for customers.” Dean added, “I know that Aristo’s customers will value R&B’s reputation for manufacturing high quality tube end forming solutions.”

About R&B

In business since 1985, R&B is rapidly being regarded as North America’s fastest growing supplier of tooling for tube forming and bending applications as well as tube end forming machines. With over 173 years of combined sales, engineering, and management tube industry experience, R&B offers robust technical and commercially competitive solutions to its customers.

R&B’s mission is to be a value-add supplier of quality tooling, capital equipment, and machining services to niche markets in order to increase the competitiveness of our customers. R&B provides products and services at competitive prices and delivered on-time in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Please contact R&B at sales@rbmachining.net to discuss your tube bending and end forming application requirements. Contact: Ethan Long, Sales Manager, 937-382-6710.

Aristo Introduces the TH:VR601-HD tube end former for heavy duty, multiple step ram forming requirements.

The new TH:VR601-HD tube end former from Aristo Machines uses twin heads in modified “C” frame configurations to deliver a most versatile ram forming system. With an optional tool changer, the system will service a wide range of end forming requirements for tubes up to 3” in diameter. The design can be easily modified for larger diameter tubes as well.

Designed to run one part through a sequence of forming operations from raw tube to finished part before starting a new part, the TH:VR601-HD delivers a four to five second cycle time per station (does not include loading/unloading time). It has an extended frame to enable ‘backstopping’ to supplement the clamping system.

The new machine also features an Allen Bradley Micrologix 1200 based control system with limit switches for accurate, reliable machine travel. Proximity switches provide reliable cycle control; with simple mechanical adjustment to position the switches for the desired forming results. A foot switch starts the cycle. The open design, for which Aristo is known enables easy access to the hydraulic system for maintenance. Valves, motor/pump and oil tank are easily accessible for maintenance.

The hydraulic system on the TH:VR601-HD has a 55-gallon hydraulic tank with a 15 HP motor. The hydraulic directional control valves on the machine are Parker D3W series high performance valves. Air-cooled heat exchanger is also standard.

Introducing Electric Sizers, Ridgelocking & Muffler Assembly (“stuffing”) machines

In keeping with our mission to design, develop, and deliver tube end forming systems that offer superior value to our customers, we have developed a family of applications based on state of the art electrically powered systems, replacing hydraulic systems.

In October 2002, at Fabtech, we introduced our LS:601-E, an electric sizer. This machine not only offers the advantages of electric power (clean, quiet, reliable), but it also enables running tubing from 1” to 5” on the same machine. To further accommodate use of the wide range of tube sizes, we introduced our Aristo Segmented Insert Tooling, making changeover both safer (not having to handle heavy tooling in / out of the machine) and quicker, as well as less costly over a wide range of tube sizes. Go to the LS:601E page in our website for more information.

Last year we shipped the Aristo ERL-1 electric ridgelock system, designed & built for a low volume, high variety muffler assembly operation. The rugged design lends itself to high volume production operations as well. Go to the custom machine page in our website for more information.

Earlier in the year, we shipped an air-driven Resonator Assembly system, our RAS-001. This system ‘stuffs’ resonator tubes with components from both ends. We transferred the forming scheme to electrically powered systems that can ‘stuff’ mufflers. In response to customer requirements for floorspace efficiency, changeover efficiency, and throughput efficiency, we can now offer vertical muffler assembly systems (go to custom machines in our website for more details about the VMA-001) and horizontal single end or double ended muffler assembly systems.

Integrated Notching System

In response to customer requirements for more ‘value-adding’ capabilities, we are introducing a tube notching system to work in conjunction with our LS/VR:601. (look for details in a forthcoming website update)

New Literature Details the Aristo AES:150 All-Electric I/O Tube Sizing System

New Literature Details the Aristo AES:150 All-Electric I/O Tube Sizing SystemNew full-color information sheets that describe Aristo Machines, Inc.’s all-electric AES:150 tube sizing system are now available. The AES:150 delivers the power of a hydraulic system with the efficiency, cleanliness, and reliability of an electric system. It uses industry standard I/O “drop-in” style segmented tooling for the most accurate tube sizing results for tubes up to 3” in diameter.

The power system is comprised of high torque AC servo motors, a digital drive controller (200A), and a high efficiency worm / worm gear box. It is sized to deliver the forming force previously only found in hydraulic I/O sizers.

The operator uses a Rexroth Indraview 40 interface, an advanced PC-based MMI. The machine program uses Aristo’s unique part program methodology for quicker, more accurate setups. This includes up to 4 hits per cycle and a choice from eleven different die/finger sequences. The Indraview MMI enables a network connection to a remote PC for process monitoring.

The AES:150’s sleek 21 square foot design enables efficient use of floor space and easy access to components. The use of standard components minimizes inventory and downtime. The tool nest is modular, enabling easy upgrades to 12” diameter tooling barrels from the standard 9” diameter barrels.

For more information on tube end forming machines, contact us.

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