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The Aristo Electrical RidgeLock machine – the Aristo ERL-1.


The Aristo Electrical RidgeLock machine - the Aristo ERL-1.

Custom End Forming Solutions

Custom End Forming Solutions

Components include:

  • Parker AAD- Electrical Cylinders, including the ETS-125 (2" stroke, 10K lbs forming force) and the EDS-50 (18" stroke - for the table travel)
  • Servo Motors and drives for above
  • Controller 6K2 and CTC touch screen
  • Thompson linear motion slide.


Ridgelock refers to a method for securing tubes within an assembly. The system / tooling produces a 'ridge' (or bead) that forms through the tubes to be assembled ('locked') together. The forming process essentially uses a long taper arbor and set of fingers to form the bead within the innermost of the tubes that are to be locked together.

Machine requirements included:

Ridge locking machine for a range of mufflers, varying in length.Ridge locking machine for a range of mufflers, varying in length.

  • The machine has a fixed table holding the work cylinder with the attached tooling. The adjustable table locates the muffler body and it's able to jog in position and save two consecutive positions in the program. The travel range for the table is 18".  
  • The frame is holding the electrical cylinders vertically, positioning the Thomson linear motion components for the adjustable table. This offers easy access for the operator in the front. The control cabinet is on the back side with easy access to the touch screen interface.
  • Sturdy frame, welded from structural steel.
  • This machine requires only electrical power supply, no hydraulics.  

The operation of the system will include:

  • Working position for each end of a muffler will be saved.
  • Foot pedal cycle start which will lock the first end, then the table will move to allow the operator to turn the muffler around and lock the opposite end, then the table will return for the next cycle to the original position.
  • The table can be positioned within the 18" range of adjustment and the memory of machine will be able to save the two positions needed for each end of the muffler

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