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The Aristo VMA-001 — a vertical muffler assembly system


The Aristo VMA-001 — a vertical muffler assembly system

Electric Muffler Assembly Systems


Design Criteria for this electric vertical muffler assembly system:

  1. For mufflers of length up to 36". (see Details below)
  2. Capable of range of 'stuffing' depths - (see Details below)
  3. Operate in a clean, quiet, and safe manner - (inherent in selection of electric system, not hydraulic)
  4. Target cycle time of six to eight seconds (on average) (see Details, Operations below)
  5. Service / support is timely with minimum of spare parts; in house resource capable of basic troubleshooting & servicing. (software & components compatible with that of the Aristo ERL-001, Electric Ridgelock system)

Details of the system design are:
  1. Sturdy steel tubular / plate frame with approximate 4-foot x 4-foot footprint, eleven feet tall.
  2. Power is provided by a servomotor. An action jack screw device with 36" of travel develops up to 12,000 lbf (equivalent of 4" bore cylinder with 1,200 psi hydraulic unit).
  3. CTC screen used as MMI interface for operator (same as that for the Aristo ERL-001).
  4. The guide mechanism consists of a carriage running on 45mm STAR Linear motion components for accuracy and correct load distribution. The end of the screw is attached directly to the carriage on the centerline of the tool holder. 

The operation of the system:

  1. Positioning of forming operation is determined by the value entered in the operator interface.
  2. Great flexibility in sequencing capabilities reside in using this type of program.
  3. The feed rate is approximately 2 inches per second. The position repeatability is within 0.010 inch.
  4. To ensure safety in operation, the machine will have a 'first stage' motion to a 'preset - part specific position' proximity switch allowing the operator to hold the muffler body until the top tooling guide lip, approximately 0.25 inch long with stabilize the part. After this, the operator will require both hands on palm buttons to finish the actual work cycle.

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