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New Address!
Our address is
PO Box 681098
Indianapolis, IN 46268-7098
Phone: 937-382-6710
(R&B Machining)

R&B Machining, Inc. officially announced today that Aristo Machines, Inc. has signed an agreement to represent R&B in the promotion and sales of its machines and tooling targeting tube bending and forming markets.

The new TH(A):601 CNC I/O sizing system tube from Aristo Machines delivers the speed, accuracy, and capacity for superior high volume tube sizing operations.

The Aristo S/VR:601 tube end former from Aristo Machines delivers a comprehensive list of end forming capabilities on tubing up to 3” diameter.

Aristo Machines has published new literature on its state-of-the-art, TH(A):601 CNC I/O sizing system that delivers the speed, accuracy and capacity needed for high volume tube sizing operations.

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